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Kirk Lambert
17 April 2020 | News | Kirk Lambert

Petite Sirah (PS) I Love You

We will be releasing the newest editions to the Lambert Estate Collection in the coming months, until then we are excited to announce the arrival of our new 2018 Petite Sirah.

Some of you may have had a chance to sample this new arrival, PS I Love You, at a few special events.  This wine has been named as a very fitting tribute to a very important member of the family and much-loved Mum.  Pam Lambert’s story is a big part of this business as her father, who is honoured as the Silent Partner, so fittingly this wine made for Pam is another new benchmark of our great wines.

When Jim met Pam many winters ago it was love at first sight and still is very much to this day. While this wine was going though development, Pam would sample it and her comment was always “I love it, it is amazing so rich and full, yet round and bold.”  She even went as far to ask Jim why he made the decision to plant this variety many years ago. His response was simple, “because PS (Pam’s maiden initials), I love you” and it stuck. A fitting tribute to a much-loved wife, mother and grandmother. 

This Petite Sirah is going to blow you away. Its first vintage shows that it is no petite little violet. It is bold, big and beautiful with a richness and depth of colour that will amaze you. Flavours of rich cherries and blueberries are structured with big supple tannins creating a wine to linger over in front of an open fire while truly savouring every last drop.


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