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Vanesa Lambert
26 August 2020 | Vanesa Lambert

The Restaurant

If you’ve visited us recently you may have noticed Jim has been busy planting a few trees around the place!  We have planted over 50 new trees so far, there is still over 100 to plant!  Once we’re done planting, our orchard will have over 200 fruit and nut trees, providing amazing fresh products for our chefs to use in our platters and in our dishes!  Up at the Hacienda Vineyard, Kirk and Vanesa have recently finished pruning their caper bushes, these little plants never cease to amaze!  Without irrigation, even in the driest years, they continue to produce delicous capers.

We are also working on extending our kitchen garden.  This will allow us to increase the amount of delicious herbs and vegetables we grow, which our guests enjoy on their dishes daily!  When we say from farm to plate, we’re not kidding around!

A big project our chefs have taken on is the massive task of making bread!  We are excited to say that we are now serving freshly made bread from our own kitchen!  This has not been an easy job, but head chef Roger could not be happier with the result!  He decided to take this adventure further, when last week he made the most airy and delightful brioche buns, which will be used to serve our Wagyu burgers and yes as you imagine…it was an instant hit!  Jim said himself this has to be the best burger he has ever had in Australia!

Haven’t put our chef’s skills to test yet?  Book a table now and let us spoil you, not only our award winning wines, but also our delicious dishes.





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