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2017 Sparkling Vintage

Every story has a beginning, but it's what happens before the story begins that defines the characters. Sit back, relax and enjoy our story.

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/ Bottle 2017 The Prologue
SKU: 635460005106-17

2013 Shiraz

The wine that started it all, the foundation. We planted our roots in this beautiful valley in the heart of Australia, with the sole purpose of making outstanding wines. This Shiraz is the hallmark of our efforts and a benchmark against all others.

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/ Bottle 2013 Family Tree
SKU: 635460004390-13

NV Tawny

The Lambert Estate Chocolatier pairs an aged tawny with dark chocolate to craft a unique balance of flavors. Whether you choose to drink it plain, pour it over fruit or ice cream, or create your own signature recipe, it is always a favourite.

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/ Bottle Chocolatier
SKU: 635460003966-NV