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2020 Riesling

Where it originated, we aren’t sure. It’s often only whispered as the cold shoulder or the silent treatment. But that’s only a small part of the story. It is the crisp, dry humor that helps balance out the intensity in all our relationships, making us love it the most.

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/ 2020 Nordic Frost Reisling
SKU: 635460004475-20

2021 Riesling

Little MS Sunshine  reminds us of sharing good times with good friends; sunny days and green fields. With hints of jasmine blossom and notes of apple freshness, this elegant wine has a lovely sweet finish. Enjoy with a beautiful cheese board in your spring garden ( Formally Sweet Jane)

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/ 2021 Ms Sunshine
SKU: 635460005144-21

2021 Viognier

It's the distance that separates us yet brings us together. As we gaze at the clouds passing by, it is the question with which we are left to ponder.   Fresh vibrant tropical fruit  Superb Food matching wine Limited Release

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/ 2021 Up in the Air
SKU: 635460005175-21

2021 Rosé

It can start with a gentle brush of the cheek, it can happen in an instant but continues to grow deeper with every passing second. In that moment, it’s the madness in our eyes that we will forever remember. Sometimes you just know…

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/ 2021 First Kiss Rose
SKU: 635460005168-21

2019 Zinfandel

Successfully tempted and in pursuit of the reward, we push the boundaries, hopefully just to the limit, but on the odd occasion just beyond. With the best intentions at heart, it can leave us in a fiery situation where only forgiveness can help soothe the heat.

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/ Forgive me Zin 2019
SKU: 633546000441-19

2017 Red Blend

When you cross swords with a Black Sheep you never know what you're in for. You'll find this wine surprisingly lively, despite its dark nature.

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/ Bottle 2017 Black Sheep
SKU: 635460004345-17

2017 Tempranillo

The traveler, the interloper, it’s someone we have all met in our journeys tempting us to exploration and leading us outside our comfort zone, opening doors to new and exotic experiences. Successful on their own, it thrives with unique ingredients, blending and bringing together the most unlikely friends.

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/ Tempt Me Temp 2017
SKU: 635460004420-17

2019   Little Rebel   

Limited Release

This is more than anyone can expect.  Balanced fruit and complex spice linger on your palette and invigorate your mouth.  Subtle and complex, a rebel worth having.

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/ Mourvèdre Little Rebel
SKU: 635460004420-19

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s all in the lineage. A meticulous selection of a vineyard site cultivated with our choice of an elite vine stock with specific clonal traits. It has taken years of training and refinement of these elements to create the spirit and boldness that embodies the performance of a true Thoroughbred.

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/ Bottle 2015 Thoroughbred
SKU: 635460004376-15

2018 Petite Sirah


Don't take me lightly, I am not just an afterthought. 
You might not find me until the end, but my boldness will not soon be forgotten. 
We have come this far, no going back now.  
PS. I love you...

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/ Bottle 2018 Petite Sirah
SKU: 635460005205-18