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2019 Sparkling

Every story has a beginning, but it's what happens before the story begins that defines the characters. Sit back, relax and enjoy our story.

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/ 2019 The Prologue
SKU: 635460005106-19

2019 A Thousand Words Chardonnay

Sometimes we have those picture perfect moments that need no explanation. However, more often than not, a single picture may just signify part of a great story. For those experiences in our journey that can’t be captured in a moment may there be a thousand words in every bottle.

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/ Bottle 2019 A Thousand Words
SKU: 635460004451-19

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s all in the lineage. A meticulous selection of a vineyard site cultivated with our choice of an elite vine stock with specific clonal traits. It has taken years of training and refinement of these elements to create the spirit and boldness that embodies the performance of a true Thoroughbred.

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/ Bottle 2015 Thoroughbred
SKU: 635460004376-15

2018 Petite Sirah


Don't take me lightly, I am not just an afterthought. 
You might not find me until the end, but my boldness will not soon be forgotten. 
We have come this far, no going back now.  
PS. I love you...

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/ Bottle 2018 Petite Sirah
SKU: 635460005205-18

2017 Shiraz

The Lambert Family have dedicated their lives to producing authentic Barossa Valley wines that respect the past while keeping an eye to the future. Wines that reflect a sense of the land and the people where it was created. It is this small encapsulation of time that is our commitment to you.  Dont wait to long we wont have for to long Limited Release

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/ 2017 The Commitment
SKU: 635460005007-17