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Vanesa Lambert
9 September 2020 | Vanesa Lambert

Art @ LEW - "EartHHeart - the Bigger Picture"

Elizabeth Beckett's succesful SALA Exhibition is coming to an end, next up Stuart Hoerisch's "EartHHeart - the Bigger Picture" will be opening on October 4th!  Continue »

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Vanesa Lambert
4 September 2020 | Vanesa Lambert

Spring in the Vineyard

Our vines are quickly showing signs of life as buds are bursting and leaves are separating all over the estate!  Continue »

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Vanesa Lambert
1 September 2020 | Vanesa Lambert

First Kiss Rosé

These sunny warmer spring days could not be better for enjoying a cold refreshing glass of rosé!  Continue »

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Vanesa Lambert
26 August 2020 | Vanesa Lambert

The Restaurant

We're not only a vineyard, we are a working farm. As our kitchen garden & orchard continues to grow to feed our guests, we are proudly becoming increasingly self sufficient. You can't get fresher than this, when we say "local" we mean it!  Continue »

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Vanesa Lambert
17 April 2020 | Vanesa Lambert


We recently concluded our latest exhibition, Watercolors by Don McDeed.  Continue »

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Kirk Lambert
17 April 2020 | Kirk Lambert

Petite Sirah (PS) I Love You

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new 2018 Petite Sirah.  Continue »

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Kirk Lambert
17 April 2020 | Kirk Lambert

Vintage 2020 – Small but Mighty

Vintage 2020 was upon us very quickly, if you blinked you might have missed it.  Continue »

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Kirk Lambert
31 March 2020 | Kirk Lambert

The Restaurant

We have had to postpone several of our popular Lambert Estate events until next year, including our famous Good Friday Seafood lunch, Mother’s Day lunch and Peru Day Celebration.  Continue »

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